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bio homework on calories

bio homework on calories - 1920 Kcal How does this compare...

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Food Item (Approximate Energy Content in Kcal) glass of milk (320) eclaire (251) eclaire (251) banana (105) glass of milk (320) chocolate milk (260) a piece of brownies (243) bowl special K cereal (80) glass of milk (320) glass of milk (320) glass of pulp free orange juice (140 cheese omelette (240) lamb chops (480) potato skins (250) cookies and cream ice cream (280) Write the approximate total energy you consumed here: 3860 Kcal Write your weight here: 58 Kg (1 kg = 2.2LB) How much energy does the above predict that you need daily?
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Unformatted text preview: 1920 Kcal How does this compare with your calculated one-day energy intake? I ate about twice the Kcal of what I should eat. Activity chosen: Watching TV Calories per minute: 1 How long would you have to do your chosen activity in order to burden the extra energy? 32.2 hours to burn off the extra Kcals. One kilogram of human fat contains about 7,700 Kcal, How log would you have to perform your chosen activity in order to burn off a kilogram of fat? 1100 min....
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