Paper1 Antigone_Creon revised

Paper1 Antigone_Creon revised - Some think the play should...

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4 Some think the play should have been called Creon . If you are among them, provide a reasoned argument for this position. The Characteristics of Tragedy She is the namesake of the play yet Antigone’s role in the tragedy is somewhat defined and overshadowed by the actions and nature of Creon. A tragedy, in a more common or popular fashion, features a great character with an ill-fated reversal of fortune. Often times the main character struggles with internal conflict and great indecision leading to disastrous conclusions that are never really expected. Antigone does face very tragic outcomes; however her conclusion is almost unavoidable to herself and expected in the plot development. The crisis, control, and turning points characteristic of the tragedy lie within Creon. It is his actions that cause Antigone to act the way she does and it is within him that turmoil, distress and unbelievable misfortunes arise. The tragedy could have been more aptly titled Creon . From the beginning Antigone is in an exanimate state where she feels loss, heartbreak, and disillusionment over the desecration of her brother’s body. As a result, she has made up her mind that she will bury and therefore honor him no matter what the repercussions may be – even if it is death. It seems that her tragedy has already played out prior to this play. She has dealt with living in the shame of her father’s unbearable actions, and feels the emptiness of now being left with only one sister. Antigone has
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Paper1 Antigone_Creon revised - Some think the play should...

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