Laertes - eventually murders Hamlet Laertes is commonly...

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Laertes Laertes and Ophelia as portrayed by CAPAB Ballet circa 1992. Evidence of a ballet version of Hamlet has been seen 200 years before this contemporary piece. This version concentrates more intently on Laertes’ positive relationship with his sister. He constantly supports her in dance. An interpretation of Laertes by Disney. His character blindly follows Scar (Claudius) only to see his despicable nature in the end. He is vilified significantly in The Lion King. Laertes 2000 follows the exact path of his aged counterpart. Liev Schreiber portrays Laertes and
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Unformatted text preview: eventually murders Hamlet. Laertes is commonly viewed as a minor annoyance and antagonist to Hamlet. However, his actions and emotions are so similar to Hamlet’s that he can only be viewed as a rival. He loves Ophelia just as Hamlet does and both men are willing to murder to revenge their respective father’s demises. At one point, as Hamlet’s complexity builds and he becomes angered and bombastic, Laertes emerges as the short-lived protagonist, only for Hamlet to reestablish himself as the beloved prince....
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