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Zack Hunt ENG 203 Prof. B. Bickersteth Critical Essay – Question #4 Critical Essay Identity Coco is a woman lost in the vast city of Shanghai. She is surrounded by large buildings, a bright cityscape, and a metropolis full of white noise. Coco has been brought up under traditionalist parents. They believe that she should stay more reserved and not become someone who is concerned by how others view her. Coco on the other hand, in spite of her parents acts out occasionally, she likes to dress provocative, go out without a bra on. Coco sees nothing wrong with sex before marriage, and she therefore tries to put distance between her and her parents set of beliefs. Being her sole provider and living away from her parents helps her to see what kind of person she really is inside. Although she finds out most of the time the hard way, she realizes that, at bottom, she understands herself better as a traditional girl, trapped in a large modern city. Coco envisions herself as this normal, plain, uninteresting woman with little or nothing to offer to Tian Tian, Mark, or anyone else who may matter. “I nodded vigorously, like a child. My body was cold and my lips icy. Maybe a drink would do me some good. With a drink, I’d become a hot woman” (Pg62) Coco makes it clear of her present state of being. She presents herself as this “childish” woman who has still yet to mature. She later coughs on the drink Mark offers her, which has me think again of her adolescent presence of first drinking alcohol. After she coughs Mark pats her on the back offering more comfort to ease her feeble state. Coco continues to describe herself as she
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begins to make love to Mark, as if this is her fist time encountering sex, as if this was something completely new to her. This adventure of sexuality with Mark is conveyed as a
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Critical Essay - Zack Hunt ENG 203 Prof B Bickersteth...

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