Diagnostic Essay I

Diagnostic Essay I - Zack Hunt Eng 203 Prof. Bickersteth...

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Zack Hunt Eng 203 Prof. Bickersteth Diagnostic Essay Life is not measured by objects or accomplishments, but is whole itself. Anyone can take away things that are important to you, but you still have Life. Accomplishments may not be met, but you are still blessed with Life. Elie Wiesel demonstrates that very notion through the textual evidence he displays though his book. The text of Elie Wiesel’s Night strongly encourages a number of themes: Death vs. Life, Illusion vs. Disillusion, Dehumanization vs. Humanization, and Wisdom vs. Naive. The text also strongly demonstrates a single important trope: Normal. What is seemed to be normal is constantly changing through out the text. The life of Elie and his people is deteriorating and becoming dehumanized. The quality of life, when measured by what physical possessions one have, is constantly being lowered more and more as the text progresses and the war worsens. “Every question possessed power that was lost in the answer…” (Pg 5) Elie sought after the lost answers by using the power of questioning. Elie Wiesel, from the start of Night , continually seeks out answers to his existence and what life entails. Elie consistently found himself asking question after question regarding all types of aspects on life and what others required from it. “‘Why do you cry when you pray?’ … ‘I don’t know’” (Pg 4) Elie realizes he does not know why he feels this way when he cries, he’s
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Diagnostic Essay I - Zack Hunt Eng 203 Prof. Bickersteth...

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