Diagnostic Essay II

Diagnostic Essay II - Zack Hunt Eng 203 Prof Bickersteth...

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Zack Hunt Eng 203 Prof. Bickersteth Diagnostic Essay II Understanding the meaning of the passage through life is to recognize that it shall not be understood and will be forgotten. “Now forget the dead, forget even the living. Turn your mind only to the unborn.” (Pp 63) The characters within Death and the King’s Horseman are burdened with unanswered questions to many meanings that occur. A key parallel, that showed promise for much discussion of meaning, was the Captain of the ship in the harbor who gave his own life to save those of others. “The ship had to be blown up because it had become dangerous to the other ships, even to the city itself. Hundreds of the coastal population would have died…the captain blew himself up with it…there was no other way to save lives” (Pp 41-42) Olunde was one to understand why the captain must do what he did. Jane, on the other hand, did not see the meaning of the captain’s self-sacrifice nor did she find it as an “affirmative commentary on life” (Pp42) as Olunde had. On the other side of the parallel, from the point of view of Africa, Elesin was unable to take his own life in order to preserve peace on earth. “You have shattered the peace of the world for ever. There is no sleep in the world tonight… You did not save my life, District Officer. You destroyed it”. (Pp50) After the failed attempt at his own self-sacrifice Olunde took it upon himself to protect the “honor of his household
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This essay was uploaded on 04/21/2008 for the course ENG 203 taught by Professor Bickersteth during the Winter '08 term at Grand Valley State.

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Diagnostic Essay II - Zack Hunt Eng 203 Prof Bickersteth...

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