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Diagnostic Essay II Revised - Zack Hunt Eng 203 Prof...

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Zack Hunt Eng 203 Prof. Bickersteth #2 Meaning Diagnostic Essay II Characters within Death and the King’s Horseman are burdened with unanswered questions regarding the many different meanings of life choices. Ways that meanings come to play include situations that come about considering a character’s aspect on his or her life whether it be complex such as abiding to a key personal moral, or as simple as carrying out an order. A key parallel, that shows promise for much discussion of meaning, was the Captain of the ship in the harbor who gives his own life to save those of others. “The ship had to be blown up because it had become dangerous to the other ships, even to the city itself. Hundreds of the coastal population would have died…the captain blew himself up with it…there was no other way to save lives” (Pp 41-42) Olunde was one to understand why the captain must do what he did. Jane, on the other hand, did not see the purpose of the captain’s self-sacrifice nor did she find it as an “affirmative commentary on life” (Pp42) as Olunde had. The Captian taking his own life demonstrates a certain aspect of human culture where when you give up everything you have and anything you will ever have to keep life for others is tremendously courageous. Jane can’t comprehend the sacrifice of ones self to insure that others, others who you don’t even know, may live on. The meaning is very deep and comes from compassion and love. Olunde is full of both of these qualities as is the Captian who went down with his ship, therefore he understands the sacrifice.
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Jane and Olunde disagree with each others cultures views on necessary death. Death in the wars in Europe and death through sacrifices in African customs. “(Jane)…
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Diagnostic Essay II Revised - Zack Hunt Eng 203 Prof...

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