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Diagnostic Essay Revised - Zack Hunt Eng 203 Prof....

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Zack Hunt Eng 203 Prof. Bickersteth Normalcy/Dehumanization Diagnostic Essay As Night progresses Elie slowly begins to loose previous possessions and notions of a normal life. Instead of thinking of life as getting worse or unbearable, he begins to adapt to his new surrounding and possessions. Elie finds new measures of life and every now and then life became normal once he adapted to the new lifestyle he was imposed upon. Elie is eventually left with absolutely nothing, totally striped of everything he ever held close. Everything of Elie’s has been taken from him, everything but his life. Elie’s life is the one key topic that shows a person can continue. The text demonstrates a single important trope: Normalcy. What is seemed to be normal is constantly changing through out the text. The life of Elie and his people is deteriorating and becoming dehumanized. The quality of life, when measured by what physical possessions one have, is constantly being lowered more and more as the text progresses and the war worsens. “Every question possessed power that was lost in the answer… Man comes closer to God through the questions he asks Him.” (Pg 5) Elie sought after the lost answers by using the power of questioning. Elie Wiesel, from the start of Night , continually seeks out answers to his existence and what life entails. Elie has a feeling for life and the path it takes; he understands how some events are unavoidable. Even at the beginning of the story it is easy to see Elie begin to question how normal his life is. Elie is able to realize how events should unfold and if they start to veer from what he thinks is normal he will question their sense of reality.
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Diagnostic Essay Revised - Zack Hunt Eng 203 Prof....

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