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Cover Letter Diagnostic Essay I After reviewing my essay for Night , and reading the comments I realized the silly, simple errors that came about. The first time I wrote this essay I overanalyzed. I used too much information and to many specific points that were not always interrelated to one another. At this point I was still struggling with the claim/quote/analysis aspect of putting my thoughts into text. My claims… were almost non exsistent. I could see where I would lose a reader into a black hole of thoughts. Thoughts would keep coming to me and I thought each
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Unformatted text preview: relevant to the central ideas that I had. I reaorganized my thoughts. I restructured my quotes and centralized my claim before them so that they could be presented with influence to the reader. This essay basically was a structural melt down. All of my thoughts are in here and most of them are relevant to my cause, I just did not apply my learnings the way I should have. The essay became restructured and reformatted with strong claims and better analysis of those claims/quotes....
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