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Diagnotic Essay II Cover Letter

Diagnotic Essay II Cover Letter - in this essay That has...

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Cover Letter Diagnostic Essay II In diagnostic essay II I see that I have a better structure than in the previous essay. I see progress being made. My statement of claims still lack. This time I think I overanalyzed my thought process. I found a lot of striking quotes but was unable to incorporate them in my essay effectively. I reorganized my quotes into more structured paragraphs and brought out my claims to better introduce the quotes included. I did also have a problem using past tense
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Unformatted text preview: in this essay. That has been corrected and in come places completely redone. I excluded explanations of the plot which I viewed as being wordy for the text. The main revision of this paper has been to locate my central claim from the many places it was hidden through the essay. I became more specific on what I was conveying to the reader and reworked the text to flow better from one point to another....
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