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Zack Hunt Eng 203 Prof. Bickersteth Semester Overview Through this semester I have learned much more than I could have thought. The exercises that we have gone though taught me how to read in a way that was much more analytical than I have used before. The Claim/Quote/Analysis has dramatically improved my writing ability. I feel much more comfortable writing essays and research papers. This style has been utilized in other classes as well. I started the class, as a business major with very little knowledge of how to analyze text. I now can convey what has been swirling around in my head and I actually am able put it into my own text coherently using claim/quote/analysis. The semester was tough, the class was always interesting. Every class I learned a new way to write and to analyze text in ways that professional writers do. Without these skills to take on with me to my career in the business world I
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Unformatted text preview: feel that I would be just another average Joe with a business degree. I now possess the skills I need to be able to write intelligently. As I read my exploratory essay and compare it with the structure and analysis of the recently written critical essay I feel accomplished. The reduced stress from not fearing writing essays has exponentially released my ability to perform and take apart a document and take parts and relate them to each other to illustrate connections not everyone can see. Critical writing is a very fun skill to possess and has led myself to achieve greater writing strengths from here on out. It has been an absolutely wonderful experience being taught the ways in which writing can express detail in the most hidden of text. I am much more comfortable at finding the Gold related to parallels, ambiguities, and ironies....
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