How much of the brain do we use

How much of the brain do we use - How much of the brain do...

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How much of the brain do we use? The Two Top Omissions: In the means used to distinguish conscious processes from subconscious processes (e.g. Posner, 1992), a frequent outcome is to pass over two distinct and important problems. Most ignore the issues associated with mental states intervening upon biophysical processes, which is understandable given the conceptual difficulties; this problem can be deflected to some degree by adopting an epiphenomenalist point of view. A more substantial and clear omission is the degree to which authors ignore the vast quantity of invisible subconscious processing that ultimately determines everything that “pops” into consciousness. Each issue has its own major implications, but their intersection leads to some especially germane considerations. The latter issue, which might be restated as an excessive emphasis (and possible misinterpretation) of our “conscious thought processes” might be addressed by considering, e.g., the hierarchical stages of sensory information processing and the posited dominant role of top-down “feedforward” or outflow sensory processing signals that serve to make predictions and compare predictions with incoming sensory signals aka Jeff Hawkins’ “On Intelligence”; these proposed information flow pathways are reminiscent of efference copy signals in the motor control pathways. This is just one general point amongst a plethora of data showing that conscious experience reflects very little of what our brain actually does—have you ever experienced orientation-selective cell firing, end-stopped cells or double-color opponent cell firings? There activity somehow contributes to your conscious experiences, but you never have access to such discrete
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How much of the brain do we use - How much of the brain do...

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