BusMgt 331 Exam 3 With Answers

BusMgt 331 Exam 3 With Answers - Fl]!t 5lotto. ot your l.!t...

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Unformatted text preview: Fl]!t 5lotto. ot your l.!t n.mo (lofrlu8tltyl tttt OSU E{ail identifior [i.s. chriltobek.ll (righttulttfy) ttt-) Buain6a management 331 EIam lll Name (Last, First): You have 90 minutes to complete this exam. A countdown timer will be projected on the screen during the quiz. No "time checks" will be verbally given by the instructor during the quiz. When the 90 minutes are complete, all writing will ceas. Please read each question carefully and directly answerthe question that is asked. You may use a calculator icr the exam. However, no instruction on the use of the calculator or its functions will be gaven during the exam. In addition, no sha.ing of catcutators is permitted. The use o, ce phones. PDAS. anal lPoals (nP3 p/Eversl dudno rhe exam are Drohibiaad! Place the answer to the questipn asked in the box provided. Points will be deducted for answers not placed in the box. Do not write equations or anything otherthan the answer in the box. Only one student is allowed at a time to use the restroom. You wi ,urrender your exam to the instructor or TA prior to goang to the restroom and it will be given back upon your return. No communication of any kind is allowed between students during the course of the exam. Thas includes all forms of vertl communication, witten communication, and/or electronic communication. I heve read the exam instructions ebove and undeEtand that any violation oftho gxam rul6s will rosult in a auaDected caae ot acadomic milconduct. Signaturs: D.te: Do not write below thE line Total Doints on exam 230 Total ooints missed Percent correct Curved score 1 . [3:t Pointa total - 3 Do,ina ,o. ectr bo.x, Calculate the values for each of he following l\4/M/'1 queues: a. Average number of units in the queue , = 5 and u = 8 1 ? b. Average time in the queue 0" = 5 and tl = 8l? o,L<>6 .o |,t"t 1 c. Average time in the system 0" = 5 and F = 8l? o,237 Average numbrof units in the system h and F = 8l? : 5 e. Server utilization . = 5 and p = 8l? f . P ( n > 4 ) [ l = 5 a n d t r = 8 ] ?...
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/21/2008 for the course BUSMGT 331m taught by Professor Christobek during the Winter '08 term at Ohio State.

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BusMgt 331 Exam 3 With Answers - Fl]!t 5lotto. ot your l.!t...

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