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Chapter 1 - Chapter One Terms of Endearment • • • •...

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Chapter One: Terms of Endearment Computers can be sold as components (separate monitor and hard drive) or monolithic ( one piece i.e. laptop) Most monitors are bit-mapped (display information is stored in my computer’s memory 1/0’s ) Bulky Monitors use CRT’s (cathode ray tubes) while slimmer models use LCD’s (liquid crystal display) Televisions can only show “reality” monitors can show a reality that has never existed (virtual reality) For small devices such as a mouse the signal and power cord are combined in one Computer screens use RGB Monitor’s screen is divided into a grid of picture elements (pixels) The size of the grid a standard laptop is 1024 x 768 pixels The frequency of display changes is known as the refresh rate Most parts of a computer (hard drive, cd drive etc) are in the processor box The motherboard is located in the processor box and is a printed circuit board containing smaller circuit boards known as daughter boards or cards
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