Notes 4/14/08 - Monday April 14th Participant...

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Monday, April 14 th Participant Observation -An immersion into a certain group in order to observe the practices of that group -I.E. Hanging out w/ gangsters Non Participation Observation (Scott Decker/Richard Wright-Criminologists) -Secondhand data, i.e. interviews, accounts by people, the observer is an eavesdropper, can be done without the knowledge of the subject -I.E. Studying Burglars -Had a student who was a burglar who became the main informant -From there was able to have a network of 118 contacts who participated, all stemmed from first contact -Type of research always needs an “in” -There’s some problem with reliability with this method, in the criminology department these are double checked with criminal and legal records -Found the criminals were mainly uncaught, but were also engaging in more than one kind of crime that they did get caught for. Criminals and people in general are versatile -Did sight visit Snowball Theory: -Start small with one person and work your way outwards. Like rolling a snowball in the
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Notes 4/14/08 - Monday April 14th Participant...

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