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Botany/Zoology 260 Ecology for Voters Exam II Review Sheet *Note- As with the first review sheet, this is NOT a comprehensive list of everything on the exam. It is a collection of the key information and points covered in class. You are expected to be familiar with the readings, all of which could appear on the exam. Organisms of the Day: Know important facts about them and how they connect to the topics in lecture. Badger Polar Bear Arctic fox ( Alopex lagopus ) Artist’s conk ( Ganoderma tsugae ) Southern flying squirrel ( Glaucomys volcans ) Saguaro cactus Bison Gonyaulax dioflagellate Crown-of-thorns ( Acanthaster planci ) Poison arrow frog ( Dendrobates ) – Monday’s lecture Biomes: Know location, climate, & soils; characteristic organisms & their adaptations; and threats to each biome. Temperate deciduous forest
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Unformatted text preview: Boreal forest Desert Chaparral Western Mountain Forests Ocean & coral reef Arctic tundra Alpine tundra Prairie/Savanna Tropical forest Concepts/ Events/Terms: Aldo Leopold Permafrost Hockey stick graph Trophic pyramids Autotroph /heterotroph Laws of matter and energy Biome Tension Zone (Wisconsin) Spring ephemerals Deciduous/ evergreen adaptations Urban/Wildland Interface Convergent evolution Cacti adaptations Xeriscaping Rain shadow- effects Fire suppression- impacts Rachel Carson Estuaries Upwellings Benthic/Pelagic Ocean zones Coral bleaching Endemism Epiphytes Lianas Rise of slime Salvage logging “doghair” stands Poikilotherm Aestivates sunken stomata CAM Keystone Herbivore Chronic Wasting Disease Precautionary Principle...
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