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January 29 - Working people and crime moral weakness luxury...

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Metropolis: main city. Centre of government, centre of news, centre of state. English society Distinction: Worthy poor: sick, old, cannot work Unworthy poor: able-bodied; choose not to work Crime: becomes a lifestyle Importance of birth: Upper class people: not criminals; if crime committed: exception; bad apples Birth: determines character and trustworthiness Criminal class: from the poor of working class White-collar Crime Contemporary labels Working class: “labouring sort”; “working people” White collar: “collar & tie men”; “the gentry” “the higher ups” Corrupt bankers, pilfering clerks – not part of criminal class Bidwell Bros. stole £100 000 from Bank of England in 1873 “Rotten apples” Wage to crime relationship – not apply to working people
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Unformatted text preview: Working people and crime: moral weakness; luxury; drink; Poor: lacked morality Fear: unskilled children lured into crime Pickpockets – esp. young males London: ideal for pickpockets London: economy and the working poor Working poor: no fixed trade or skill; casual work; underemployed London: size of population and economy of casual labour Garrotting: theft by strangulation Middle and Upper-class perceptions create the criminal class? Hegemony: ascendancy or domination of one group or social class over another Dominance of middle class values in Victorian society Notion of “criminal class”: way of enforcing middle class hegemony by locating fear of crime in a specific group of the working class Allows labelling certain lower social orders as a “criminal class” who can be targeted by police...
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