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Ragged Dick (part 1) Reaction Statement Aaron Willoughby Alger eloquently presents the classic ideas of the American Dream through the eyes and actions of a young teenage boy with a life procured from experience and times of diminished fortune. We are presented with Ragged Dick, orphaned for years, who has undertaken the work of a shoe-shiner to get by. He lives day to day and finds himself at times with no money to produce a place to sleep or a means to stay warm. This is the foundation by which Alger builds the dream that Ragged Dick may overcome the woes of poverty and become a “respectable” member of society by way of hard work, self control, and upheld moral virtue. The very fortunate outcome of meeting and showing Frank around New York City displays the stark contrast of the two boy’s lives and instills in Dick the ideas by which he will “turn over a new leaf” and become a well-off man. Dick is very knowledgeable of the city and its schemes but he refuses to succumb to any act that is less than honest. The reader feels that as
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