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March 24, 2008 MKTG347 There was one section of the book that really caught my attention. It was on pages 99-101 and started with the title, “What does Howard know?” This part of the book stated that if your employees are passionate about the product that they are working with, the company would thrive more so then if they weren’t. In my own experiences, I have gone to a store such as Best Buy where almost everyone is not only knowledgeable about the merchandise they sell; they are passionate about it and really like talking about it. This makes the buying experience a lot more enjoyable and helpful to me as a consumer because the people at Best Buy are making the buying process very simple and pleasurable for me and because of that, they will most likely retain my business. This really altered the way that I thought a business should be run. I was under the assumption that the best sellers should be the people you should hire but if someone is passionate about their product, they will most likely succeed over someone who isn’t because the person that possesses their own otaku-stricken view (pg. 79) will easily connect with more consumers.
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