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November 15, 2007 CLST311 Modern Frankenstein’s The main Frankenstein that we have created is regarding human embryos, which we have discussed in class. There are many ethical issues that have been brought up from this topic but mainly, it has been left behind as a researched but untapped field. As I live in Baltimore, the most apparent Frankenstein that we the people of Baltimore have created over time is the murder rate in the city. I understand that it is not a human invention that we have abandoned but in theory, it is the same principle. Our murder rate has been rapidly increasing year by year, we have not implemented and kind of enforcement or laws to really assist our situation. The major point being made is that we as the society of Baltimore have slowly created this Frankenstein scenario, and as in years passed we have attempted to solve it, the solutions are becoming more and more scarce, so we have turned our back on our own creation is what I’m trying to get out there.
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