MOWER2-Consumer Boycott Procedure Recommendation

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Consumer Boycott Procedure Recommendation Creating controversy may achieve brand name recognition, but it defers consumers from being motivated to buy a company’s product. Money spent on controversial advertising would not be earned back by sales, and more money may be spent on appeasing the offended groups in order to avoid greater dilemmas. A company must be actively self-regulating, honest, and sensitive to law and ethics in order to avoid controversies leading to possible boycotts. If a company releases an advertisement so offensive that a group threatens to boycott, then the company should take responsibility and be attentive to the group’s concerns. It is impossible to appeal to everyone through advertising, and some people will be offended by a company’s message. Only the company can make peace with the offended groups and they can do it by withdrawing the ad, or whatever the group or law says is necessary. Although it is hard to please groups once an offensive advertisement has been released, it
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