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Midterm Review Sheet - BIOLOGY 101 -TOPICS IN GENERAL...

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BIOLOGY 101 --TOPICS IN GENERAL BIOLOGY SPRING 2008 Review Sheet #1 Short Answers and 25 multiple choice. 10 true false. 10 fill in  blank. And a bunch of matching.  Look over this sheet and come to class on Wednesday having identified areas you wish to review. Otherwise, we will begin the next chapter. ***Remember to bring two # 2 pencils to the test for the Scantron forms. In studying for the test, make sure that you know and comprehend the ‘Key Concepts’ at the beginning of each chapter, and the points included in the ‘Summary’ at the end of each chapter. Taking the quiz there may also help you study. The Discover Biology web site also contains quizzes, animated tutorials, and other ways to help you with the concepts. Material on the videos, especially those questions on the Video Sheets, is also fair game for the test. CONCEPTS TO STUDY: You should know and/or understand the following: Chapter 1 1. The scientific method: its steps and usage. 2. What limits what science can do for us. 3. General characteristics of science and good biological experiments. 4. What the difference is between science and a belief system, like a religion. 5. Understand the differences between junk science, pseudoscience, and anti- science, and be able to apply these to a given example Chapter 24 1. What components of an ecosystem are necessary for it to function well 2. Generally how ecosystems function 3. What ecosystem services we are receiving 4. How energy and nutrients flow through an ecosystem 5. The importance of decomposers 6. General characteristics of nutrient cycles 7. General NPP patterns on land and in the ocean 8. How humans can affect nutrient cycles 9. Why the energy pyramid looks the way it does
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Midterm Review Sheet - BIOLOGY 101 -TOPICS IN GENERAL...

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