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Order of Research - a Jacques-Louis David i Antiochus and...

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Order of Research 1) Details and general characteristics of movement a. Major artists of each movement i. Examples of women portrayed by these artists during these movements 1. Similarities and differences in portrayals a. Political/religious/social contexts of paintings i. Why would this effect an artist’s portrayal of a woman? Neoclassicism 1) Neoclassicism is a continuing of the classical tradition (style and subjects) thought art in the 19 th century. Intellectual conflict between classicists and romantics, head vs. heart, logic and reason vs. emotion. Neoclassicism replaced the frivolity of Rococo style. ‘Noble simplicity and grandeur’
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Unformatted text preview: a. Jacques-Louis David, i. Antiochus and Stratonice, The Battle of the Romans and Sabines, Madame Récamier, Mars Disarmed By Venus and The Graces, Mars Vanquished by Minerva b. Jean Ingres i. Odalisque with the slave, La Source, The Turkish Bath, Stratonice Romanticism 1) Romanticism places heavy importance on an individual’s emotions, imagination and creativity. Opposing the Neoclassicists, emphasis that emotion and intuition over rationalism, and favored a wilder, more chaotic composition over the typical classical restraint. a. Eugène Delacroix i. Liberty Leading The People, Odalisque with Parrot...
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