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Friday October 19 th , 2007 Scamander was a river god, son of Oceanus and Tethys. Fought on the Trojans side. He tried to drown Achilles after being mocked by him, but Hera and Hephaestos stopped him. Achilles had an affair with Deidamea, having a child Neoptolemus. Achilles’ tutor Phoenix went to retrieve Achilles with Odysseus and Ajax the Greater. Hisalik is a modern Turkish term for Troy. Philoctetes was a friend of Heracles. Odysseus advised that he stay on
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Unformatted text preview: Lemnos after he was bitten by a snake. He stayed on the island for 10 years. • Hector’s son, Astyanax was thrown down the walls of Troy by the Achaeans. • Clymnestra killed her husband Agamemnon after bringing Cassandra to Argos and then killed her as well. • Three major gateways were built: VI Z, VI Y and VI T of Troy, representing the three phases....
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