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AMH2020 Syllabus

AMH2020 Syllabus - AMH 2020-05 Spring 2007 U.S HISTORY...

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AMH 2020-05 Spring 2007 U.S. HISTORY/ 1865-Present 102 BEL, MTWRF: 2-315 INSTRUCTOR: Jon Mikolashek GRADER: Liz Bryant OFFICE: Bellemy 450 PHONE: E-MAIL: [email protected] / [email protected] OFFICE HOURS: MWF: 1-150 or by appointment Feel free to stop by my office at other times to see if I am available. Special meetings can also be arranged by appointment. COURSE DESCRIPTION: The course will provide a survey of American History from the period following the Civil War to the present day. Emphasis will be placed on the political, economic, cultural, societal, and intellectual progressions of the United States, and how they have shaped the American nation and its people. Subjects to be discussed in class include Reconstruction and the New South; the Gilded Age; Imperialism; the Rise of Big Business, the emergence of modern America, World War I, the 20’s and interwar years, background causes of World War II; World War II; the Cold War, suburbanization; the 60’s, Vietnam, Watergate, America after the fall of Communism, the 80’s, the 90’s and the War on Terror. You are responsible for obtaining your grades, course documents and updates via the Blackboard website. Students must activate their university email accounts before they are able to enter Blackboard. You will be asked to submit your garnet username and password to enter the website: http://campus.fsu.edu/ and select AMH 2020-01. GORDON RULE REQUIREMENT: Your two writing assignments will help meet this 3000-word requirement. However, to receive a passing grade on the Gordon Rule Component you must average a “C-” or higher for all the combined papers (essay, review, and quizzes). In other words, if you do not pass the Gordon Rule Requirement you cannot receive a letter grade higher than a D+ for the course, regardless of how well you did on the tests. COURSE OBJECTIVES: 1. Students will develop an understanding of the historical process, and be introduced to the basic principles of historical interpretation. 2. Students will become familiar with the major events and themes in American History from the end of the Civil War to the Election of 2004. 3. Students will read and analyze primary documents 4. Students will learn realize history is more than just dates and names, but an interesting and constantly changing field. COURSE REQUIREMENTS: Three tests (100 points each) One written assignments (100 points)
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Précis Assignments (100 points) TEXTS: Davidson et al., Nation of Nations: A Narrative of the American Republic , Fourth Edition. Vol 2. (3 rd -5 th Edition will suffice) Mikolashek, Retrieving the American Past. Thomas Bell, Out of This Furnace TESTS: There will be three tests during the term. The final examination is NOT comprehensive and will cover only the last third of the term. All tests are weighted equally -- 100 points. Each test will consist of two parts: 1) multiple choice questions/fill-in the blanks; 2) short essay questions or multiple choice questions that focus on the significance of a historical event or person or image (about one paragraph in length).
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AMH2020 Syllabus - AMH 2020-05 Spring 2007 U.S HISTORY...

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