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ANT 307 Class Notes 8 April 2008 **April 17 th – Each person should turn in an interview or oral history and each team should turn in a survey or focus group** **May 13 th – Final Ethnography Due** Birthing Fathers and Fixing Men Active participation of the fathers, especially during the birthing process. Power struggle in the hospital, during the labor – does it matter that a man wrote it? Issues of male promiscuity vs. female promiscuity. What is okay? Is it all right for a man to have babies with more than one woman? What does these ethnographies tell us about masculinity? Especially in sexuality, reproduction and fatherhood? -FM: Men felt less masculine once they had vasectomies, based masculinity on the ability to procreate. Some were afraid that their sexual preferences
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Unformatted text preview: would change.-BF: Men felt out of control when in the hospital, overpowered by superior forces. How were these ethnographies feminist?-FM: Positionality and made it a personal issue, set up egalitarian relationship, ignored academic status, focused on gender relations, included men’s opinions on women-BF: deals with gender roles in reproduction, uncovering underlying control issues-Native anthropology? FM author had a vasectomy, and BF author was a father. Does this matter? Issues of agency and choice:-FM: Men didn’t have much of a choice when it came to the operation, always the wife who initiated it-BF: It is women giving birth, do men have the same right to power and involvement?...
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