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ANT 307 Class Notes 13 March 2008 Ethnography: due on May 13 th by noon. Should provide a thoughtful description of a culture or aspect of social life. (a) Cover page (b) Discussion of research statement (c) Literature review (d) Explanation of research methodology and feminist ethics (e) A well-developed reflexive discussion with attention to your personality (f) A description of participants and research sites [see field notes handout] (g) A description and interpretation of your research findings (h) Bibliography/works cited [at least 5 sources] (i) Optional appendix Due by 5:00pm on Thursday, March 27 th Research Statement Statement of feminist ethics Copy of the consent form Preliminary bibliography with at least 3 sources Situating Your Research Question: (1) What is your research question? (2) What are the ontological beliefs embedded in the research question? Specifically, what do you believe or suspect about the nature of your
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Unformatted text preview: gendered issue what factors have caused it to be as it is and to operate as it does? Also, what are the other assumptions embedded in your research question? (3) Taking into consideration your question, ontology and other assumptions, what then is the theoretical stance that your research project will take? (4) What will count as evidence to prove your theory? How will you go about collecting this evidence? What are the advantages and limits of your methods? (5) Revise research question into statement. (6) Statement of Feminist Ethics (7) Informed Consent Form Telling the participants clearly what the research is about, without giving them too much information that may harm the project. Necessary for interviews, oral histories and focus groups not participant observation or surveys....
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