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Wednesday October 17 th , 2007 Achilles retreats from fighting in anger after Agamemnon takes Briseis. Myrmidons were soldiers commanded by Achilles. Chiron is superlative centaur that received Achilles as a disciple. Achilles married King Lycomedes’ of Skyros daughter, Deidamia. They had a son, Neoptolemus(Pyrrhus). Patroclus was Achilles’ best friend. He donned Achilles’ armor and killed many Trojans and their allies when Achilles did not want to fight. Greeks were known as Achaeans. Trojans were known as Dardanians.
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Unformatted text preview: Calchas was a Greek prophet and guided the Greeks through the war with his predictions. Helen was married to Paris. Because of her abduction, the war was instigated. He was a Trojan prince. Diomedes was an Achaean and a close friend of Odysseus. The Phoenix is a symbol of fire and divinity. It regenerates when hurt. Sarpedon was the son of Zeus and Laodamia and a Lycian king. Sarpedon led his division to the front of the battle and Ajaxs attention shifted from Hectors army, to his....
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