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Friday August 31, 2007

Friday August 31, 2007 - Friday For more information go to...

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Friday August 31, 2007 For more information, go to Oxford Classical Dictionary. Myths are elusive; they refer to other stories assuming you know the story. Bronze Age (3100-1020BC) -- Birth of Greek culture, by Minoans and Myceneans. Taken from the 5 ages of man. Dark Age (1020-900BC) -- It was called this because knowledge of it was not known. There were years of poverty, recession, depopulation and stagnation. Geometric Period (900-725BC) -- Also referred to as the Iron Age. Orientalizing Period (725-620BC) -- Influence of Egypt/Asian. Happened because of trade and commerce with East. Archaic Period (620-480BC) -- Flourishing of culture. Stone temples and the Gorgon (female monster) introduced. -- Experimenting with art and pottery. Classical Period (480-323BC) -- The heights of Greek culture, birth of democracy, the construction of the Parthenon and the idealization of the human form. Hellenistic Period (323-30BC) -- Alexander the Great, powerful kingdoms/monarchs. -- Art of this period was lively and full of motion. Cosmology – tells why the universe is ordered the way it is.
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