Response1 - O'Brien Annie O'Brien ANT 307 Response #1 Dr....

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O’Brien Annie O’Brien ANT 307 Response #1 Dr. Andrea Abrams 14 March 2008 Women of Belize: A Feminist Form Earlier this semester, we discussed the basic principles of feminist research.  These included, but were not limited to, creating a collaboration rather than  attempts to control, considering participants a conversation partner rather than  object of study, successfully incorporating questions that represent what women  think and do and guaranteeing disclosure and intimacy with the participant with  full faith in their honesty and integrity. In  Women of Belize , Irma McClaurin  successfully employs these feminist principles by engaging the ‘feminist standpoint’  and reflecting them in her methods of research, both of which are discussed in  Feminist Methodology . Her methodology and perspective qualify her ethnography as  thorough and faithful feminist anthropology, and adhere to the qualities of the  Third Wave of feminist writing.  The standpoint theory, as defined on pages 60-61 of  Feminist Methodology , is  ‘a way of taking women’s experiences as fundamental to knowledge of political  1
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O’Brien relations between men and women’ and ‘a way of explaining…how women  experience life differently from men’. In  Women of Belize , McClaurin’s research  reflects the feminist standpoint in the way that she computes women’s experiences 
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This essay was uploaded on 04/21/2008 for the course ANT 307 taught by Professor Abrams during the Spring '08 term at Centre College.

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Response1 - O'Brien Annie O'Brien ANT 307 Response #1 Dr....

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