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ANT 307 Response #2 28 March 2008 Romance on a Global Stage: Addressing Gender Roles and Issues Romance on a Global Stage, by Nicole Constable, is an ethnography that addresses the issue of foreign brides and ‘mail-order’ marriages. In the excerpt we read, he specifically focuses in on two couples, on their personalities and interactions as well as their struggles as a couple from two very different societies. On a larger scale, she looks at the issue of gender roles and how they are perceived in both American and Filipino society. She describes both the female and male perspective of how these gender roles are constructed and experienced, using her interviews as evidence of their personal impact. She also deconstructs the relationships between these Filipina women and their American husbands, how gender and power correlate and the ideas of oppression, subordination and agency on a personal level. Constable’s earlier work on domestic workers did not provide her with the same opportunity to address the questions of gender and power, as she was able to with her research on correspondence courtship and marriage. The research she conducted, emphasized the “more contemporary feminist concerns” rather than a focus on simpler ideas of oppression and domination. She also deconstructs the stereotypes of American men who seek Filipina brides via correspondence or matchmaking agencies, as well as those of the Filipina women who are usually thought as desperate and looking for a way out of their poverty-stricken circumstances. Her examination of gender roles includes both American and Filipina society. To
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Response2 - Annie O’Brien ANT 307 Response #2 28 March...

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