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Classical Mythology-Athena

Classical Mythology-Athena - Was beautified by Perides...

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Friday September 14, 2007 Athena- has contest with Poseidon and wins by offering the olive tree. -- Mycenean writing shows her as Potnia Atana. Potnia means “mistress”. -- She often goes to battle, is the warrior goddess. Athena Promachos is battle and war. Is also associated with owl and serpent. -- Etruscans show guise of Athena that is not common, with a baby and being more feminine. Etruscans painted her as attending to the “Maris babies”. -- Erichthonius is the adopted son of Athena. Is conceived of Earth and has serpent legs. An epithet is a descriptive tern attached to a god or goddess. Athena’s aegis is a goatskin shield that belonged to her father Zeus. -- Zeus eats Medis, goddess of wisdom and has a headache. From his head Athena springs out. Athenian Acropolis (the upper city).
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Unformatted text preview: Was beautified by Perides where various structures were built. -- Phidias worked on the Parthenon. The Architects were Iktinos and Kallikrates. -- The pediment is the triangular sculpture zone. It has the story of Athena’s birth on the Parthenon. The West Pediment is the contest of Athena and Poseidon.-- Metopes are square architectural elements. There are 4 different themes, one on each side: *North is the sack of Troy and Greeks and East Trojans. * Gods versus giants. * Greeks and warrior Amazons. * Battle of Lapiths and Centaurs. -- All four themes represent order versus chaos.-- Frieze of Parthenon- Has the Panathenaiac Procession. Gods are shown amongst the people.-- Erechtheion has the caryatid porch and women as the columns. *Has oldest cult rites of Acropolis....
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