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Classical Mythology

Classical Mythology - they do not marry Have a child...

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Friday September 21, 2007 Big 3 tragic playwrights each contributing their own part: --1) Aeschylus -- 2)Sophocles -- 3) Euripides Tragedy means “goat song”. The meaning of tragedy still resides with us today. Euripides- 480-406 BC. Only 18 of his plays survive, known to have written around 95. -- His plays are very different, questioning traditional wisdom. They are critical and have strong female leads. He was a critical thinker and that did not always make him popular. * He was made fun of by Aristophanes. -- Euripides wrote Medea and the Bacchae. -- Cyclops is a satyr play. Satyrs are half man half creature. -- Wrote 2 versions of Hyppolytus. The first was reacted with outrage(we do not have this version) and the second was well received. -- Theseus is the King of Athens and falls in love with Amazon Antiope but
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Unformatted text preview: they do not marry. Have a child, Hippolytus. * Amazons are warrior women.-- Phaedra is the daughter of Minos and marries Theseus and they have children. -- Phaedra is cursed because she falls in love with Hippolytus.-- Hippolytus is not devoted to Aphrodite and she has revenge against him. He is devoted to Artemis, goddess of hunt. -- Nurse tries to console Phaedra and tells Hippolytus Phaedra is in love with him. He reacts violently. Phaedra commits suicide and Theseus curses Hippolytus and he nearly dies.-- Artemis performs Deus ex machine to try to resolve the issue. -- Two sides: 1) He did not want love and did not have to worship the love goddess. 2) He committed sin of hubris by not honoring all the gods and is not very sympathetic....
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