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Annie O’Brien ANT 307 Response #4 11 April 2008 Birthing Fathers: Feminist Anthropology in Questions of Masculinity Birthing Fathers by Richard Reed is an ethnography that describes the experience of becoming a father, focusing on the moment of birth and the role that the father plays in this event . Reed discusses different perspectives on fatherhood and birthing, while operating within the limits of feminist anthropology . His feminist approach to his methodology, his personal investment in the participants and their stories, and his focus on a minority group are all aspects of feminist theories and principles . Reed’s methodology involved many personal interviews with men who had experiences with births in modern hospitals . He spoke to many of these men before and after the births, in order to gain a more rounded view of their perspective, as well as to allow them to reflect on their own experience . Reed discusses the transformation of fatherhood, not only in terms of personal identity, but also in the way that society views them . Fathers are ultimately changed, whether they chose to be or not. The personal interviews reveal the fathers’ awareness of their lack of participation in the birthing process and rituals . However, though not biological or physically participating in the
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response4 - Annie OBrien ANT 307 Response #4 11 April 2008...

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