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CLT3378 syllabus - 4 Independence Day Read the Bill of...

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CLT 3378-05: ANCIENT MYTHOLOGY Williams 318, MWF 10:00-12:15pm Instructor: Ryan Magill Office:205M, Dodd Hall Email: ( please put CLT3378 in subject line ) Hours:MWF 1:00- 2:00pm Course webpage: and also by appointment Schedule of Assignments Reading assignments should be read by the class period for which they are listed. Short quizzes will be given on the reading at the beginning of each lecture. Assignments are subject to change at the Instructor’s discretion. Reading assignments will come primarily from our textbook, Thury and Devinney’s Introduction to Mythology (T&D). Readings marked Ovid will come from your copy of Ovid's Metamorphoses . An asterisk (*) denotes that the reading assignment is provided on the course's Blackboard website. June 25 27 Mesopotamian and Biblical Creation: Enuma Elish* 29 Greek and Roman Creation: T&D pp. 27-43; Ovid, pp. 1-11 July 2 Native American and African Creation: T&D pp. 76-86, 88-95; Overview of paper guidelines
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Unformatted text preview: 4 Independence Day Read the Bill of Rights 6 Norse Creation and Destruction: T&D, pp. 63-72, 105-9 READER RESPONSE 1 due on Blackboard on Saturday, 11:59 p.m. 9 Flood Myths: T&D, pp. 114-117; Ovid, pp. 11-16; Egyptian Flood Myth * 11 Intro to Hero Patterns, Mesopotamian Heroes: T&D, pp. 135-142; Intro to Hero Patterns *; T&D, pp. 144-145, 149-173 13 EXAM 1 in class 16 Greek and Indian Heroes: T&D, pp. 464-475, 189-190, 192-201 18 African Heroes: T&D, pp. 302-340 20 Norse Heroes: Beowulf , pp. 3-78 23 Greek Tragic Heroes: T&D, pp. 220-268 25 Heroines: Chi Li*, Ovid p. 143-151, 153-167 27 Native American, African, and Greek Tricksters: T&D, pp. 294-298, 347-348, 358-359, 360-364 READER RESPONSE 2 due on Blackboard on Saturday, 11:59 p.m. 30 Greco-Roman Underworld: Odyssey , Bk. 11*, Aeneid , Bk. 6*, Republic , Bk. 10* Aug. 1 Ritual in the Ancient World: T&D, pp. 393-394, 397-398, 399-411; The Modernization of Myth: T&D, pp. 616-628 3 EXAM 2 in class...
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CLT3378 syllabus - 4 Independence Day Read the Bill of...

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