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ANT 335 RACE AND ETHNICITY FINAL - concepts of blackness...

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ANT 335 – RACE AND ETHNICITY FINAL Key Points: - The differences and shifts in how racial identities are defined across time o Blacks, black Indians, Afromexicans: the dynamics of race, nation, and identity in a Mexican Moreno community : Laura A. Lewis o The Etymology of the Term “Race” in the English Language - There is a stability to the concepts of whiteness and blackness but a fluidity of who is labeled black or white o Ethnicity o The Rise of Science: Sixteenth- to Eighteenth-Century Classifications of Human Diversity - The varied ways that groups understand, grapple with, use, embrace or reject the
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Unformatted text preview: concepts of blackness and whiteness when identifying themselves o “Look at her Hair”: The Body Politics of Black Womanhood in Brazil : Kia Lilly Caldwell o-How class and gender have intersected with whiteness and blackness to influence the experience and construction of racial identity o FACE OF THE NATION: Race, Nationalisms, and Identities in Jamaican Beauty Pageants : Natasha B. Barnes o Women Without Class – Girls, Race and Identity : Julie Bettie...
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