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Spears Hinkle Biology 110 Study Guide: Test 1 Chapter 1 : - Atom molecule cell tissue organ organ system multi-celled organism population community ecosystem the biosphere - Receptors – molecules and structures that detect stimuli, whice are specific kinds of energy - Homeostasis – receptor-driven mechanisms kick in and return conditions to the state that cells can tolerate - DNA – a nucleic acid, the signature molecule of life - Carolus Linnaeus – the naturalist who came up with the strategy of giving each species a two-part name part 1 – genus: the name of the entire species group, part 2 – the name for a specific species within the genus - 3 Domains – bacteria single cells, prokaryotic (no nucleus) – archaea single cells prokaryotic (closer to eukarya than bacteria) – Eukarya Eukaryotic cells (with a nucleus). Single celled and multicelled species categorized as protists, plants, fungi, and animals - Protists – single cells and multicelled eukaryotic species that have a wide range in size - Plants – generally, photosynthetic, multicelled eukaryotes, many with roots, stems, and leaves - Fungi – single celled and multicelled eukaryotes decomposers, parasites, and pathogens - Animals – multicelled eukaryotes that ingest tissues or juices of other organisms - Natural selection – adaptive forms of traits more likely to survive and reproduce, eventually removing the weak traits
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Chapter 2 : - Atom – smallest unit of an element that still retains the element’s properties, made up of protons (+), electrons (-) and neutrons - Molecule – two or more atoms of the same or different elements joined together
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biostudyguide - Spears Hinkle Biology 110 Study Guide: Test...

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