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Spears Hinkle Biology 110 Quiz Answers: Chapters 1-7 Chapter 1 : 1. The smallest unit of life is the cell . 2. Energy is required to maintain levels of biological organization, from cells to populations, communities, and even entire ecosystems. 3. Homeostasis is a state in which the internal environment is being maintained within a tolerable range. 4. Researchers assign all species to 1 of 3 domains . 5. DNA contains instructions for building proteins, undergoes mutation, and is transmitted from parents to offspring . 6. Inheritance is the acquisition of traits from parents who transmit their DNA to offspring. 7. Differences in heritable traits arise through mutation . 8. A trait is adaptive is it improves an organism’s ability to survive and reproduce in the prevailing environment. 9. A control group is the standard against which experimental groups can be compared . 10. MATCHING Chapter 2 : 1. Every type of atom does not consist of protons, neutrons, and electrons. 2. Electrons carry a negative charge. 3. A tracer is any molecule to which radioisotope has been attached for research or diagnostic purposes. 4. Atoms share electrons unequally in a polar covalent bond. 5. In a hydrogen bond, a covalently bound hydrogen atom weakly attracts an electronegative atom in a different molecule or a different region of the same
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biostudyguide2 - Spears Hinkle Biology 110 Quiz Answers:...

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