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Evolution post lab Are humans currently evolving? Answer this question by considering the conditions that are necessary for natural selection to operate in a population. Your answer should include discussion of several different human phenotypic traits. Humans are probably still evolving. It is unlikely that natural selection is pushing our evolution, because we no longer live in the Darwinian ‘do or die’ atmosphere of our distant ancestors. Evolution, likely still occurring, is very slow and has few implications on the population. Lactose intolerance is good example of evolution occurring, as most of
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Unformatted text preview: the human population is still adjusting to drinking milk (begun about 5000-1000 years ago) so the entire population has not genetically changed to produce the lactose enzyme. Also, human susceptibility to infectious disease is also influenced by genetics, and therefore, by evolution. People with genes more likely to catch deadly diseases will probably not have the opportunity to pass that gene on, removing it from the allele pool....
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