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Wednesday October 10 th , 2007 Thebes- city in Greece. North of Cithaeron range, divides Boeotia from Attica. Sophocles- one of 3 ancient Greek tragic poets. Wrote Oedipus Rex and Antigone. The Theban Plays. -- Oedipus- Greek king of Thebes. Son of Lauis and Jocasta. Ends up marrying mother after killing father. Agenor- Phoenician king of Tyre. Father of Porthaon. Trojan soldier and son of Antenor. Europa- Phoenician woman. Her name represents a lunar cow. Raped by Zeus, who transformed himself into a white bull. Herodotos’ History- Greek historian from Ionia. -- Father of history. -- Writes The Histories, nine books named after the nine muses. Cadmeia- citadel of ancient Thebes, named after Cadmus. Ares- progenitor of water-dragon slain by Cadmus. -- Spartoi- mythical people known to be children of Ares. Illyrians- Illyrius was son of Cadmus and Harmonia who ended up ruling Illyria. Pentheus- a king of Thebes. Son of Echion and Agave, daughter of Cadmus. Pentheus banned worship of Dionysus and did not allow women
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Unformatted text preview: of Cadmeia to join rites. • Labdacus- king of Thebes and son of Polydorus and Nycteis. Grandson of Cadmus. Ruled Thebes while young and died young. -- Lycus raised him when Polydorus died and raised Labdacus’ son Laius when he died. • Antiope- gave birth to twins Amphion and Zethus. -- Was persecuted by wife of Lycus, Dirce. Dirce treated her as a slave. Amphion and Zethus were herdsmen when older and Antiope unknowingly fled to their house. Dirce ordered them to kill their own mother but they killed Dirce instead. • Polybus was a Corinthian king, married to Merope. Raised Oedipus. • The Seven Against Thebes- -- Adrastus- leader of the seven champions-- Polyneices-- Tydeus-- Capaneus-- Hippomedon-- Pathenopaeus-- Amphiararus • Statius’ Thebaid- in twelve books and took twelve years to compose. Talks about the deadly strife of the Theban brothers. • Ismene- daughter and sister of Oedipus....
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