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POSTLAB5 - substance with little to no nutritional value is...

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Annie O’Brien BIO 110 Lab Dr. Ziemba 2 October 2007 Post Lab 5 In lab this week, some of you looked at the effects of food and temperature on the  rate of phagocytosis in  Tetrahymena .  What other environmental or physiological  factors would you expect to affect this process?  Choose two possible factors and  pose reasonable hypotheses for their effects that are based on your knowledge of  the biology of  Tetrahymena Two possible factors that could affect the process of phagocytosis in  Tetrahymena  are 1) the nutritional value of the substance that the  Tetrahymena  are exposed to and 2) the toxicity levels of the substance being phagocytosed.   Hypotheses: 1) Since phagocytosis plays a major part in nutrition in some organisms, if a 
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Unformatted text preview: substance with little to no nutritional value is phagocytosed, it is taking the place of a substance with some nutritional importance that could be processed instead. This could affect the Tetrahymena by not providing the adequate nutrition needed to sustain life in the cell. 2) Phagocytosis is also responsible for fighting infections and cleaning out harmful bacteria from the cell. However, there are some bacteria that are resistant to phagocytosis, and if one of these substances is introduced to the cell, it would be unable to rid itself of the bacteria. This could be potentially fatal to the Tetrahymena since it would not have any immune system to carry out this function....
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