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Classical Mythology - after his son Pallas Evander aided...

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Wednesday November 28, 2007 12 Olympians --Zeus – Jupiter – Tinia --Hera – Juno – Uni --Poseidon – Neptune – Nethuns --Athena – Minerva - Menerva --Ares – Mars – Laran --Apollo – Apollo – Aplu --Artemis – Diana – Artumes --Aphrodite – Venus – Turan --Demeter – Ceres - Vei --Hermes – Mercury – Turms --Dionysos – Bacchus – Fufluns --Hephaistos - Vulcan - Sethlans Latins were ancient Italic people who migrated to central Italy. -- Were descendants of Latinus, father-in-law of Aeneas. Worshipped as Jupiter Indiges. Sabines were ancient tribe that lived in Italy. Samnites were a group from south Apennines in Italy. Umbrians are oldest indigenous people of Italy. -- Constructed sanctuaries to sacrifice to the gods. Evander was culture hero of Arcadia Greece. -- Was born to Mercury and Carmenta and had more wisdom that Arcadians. -- Virgil wrote that he gathered natives to a city he called Pallantium. He named it
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Unformatted text preview: after his son, Pallas. -- Evander aided Aeneas against the Rutuli under rule of the autochthonous Turnus. • Augustus was adopted by uncle Julius Caesar. • Livy wrote monumental history of Rome during Augustus’ time. Was a native of Patavium. • Janus was the god of gates, doorways, beginnings and ends. Depicted with two faces in opposite direction. • Mars Ultor- Roman god of war. • Silvanus was a Roman tutelary spirit of woods, a genius loci, protective spirit, since youth. • Romulus and Remus are founders of Rome, twin sons of priestess Rhea Silvia, fathered by Mars. -- A tradition says they were nursed by Wolf-Goddess Lupa. • Vertumnus is god of seasons, change and plant growth, gardens and trees. • Orvieto is an ancient city in southwestern Umbria, Italy. • Pomona was the goddess of fruit trees, gardens and orchards. She married Vertumnus after he tricked her. -- Associated with abundance....
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