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GOV 210 Notes 13 April 2008 During the Great Depression, the sole group that clearly constitutes Republican is  the white, upper class, Northern, Anglo-Saxon Protestants. 2000 exits polls – likelihood of voting Democratic decreases with education until  the post-graduate level. The least educated and the most educated were more  likely to vote Democrat. Are the most educated more ideological?  Union members – 62% voted Democrat
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Unformatted text preview: Baby Boomers went to college because of economic prosperity – unprecedented numbers. New Class 60’s Libs ECO- Lib SOC - Lib Old Right ECO – Con SOC – Lib New Deal Libs ECO – Lib SOC – Con New Right ECO – Con SOC – Lib Old:-Boss-centered pluralist-Interests-Local parties-Ground war (door-to-door) New:-Since 1972, primaries introduced-Candidate centered-Participatory-Issues-National parties-Air war...
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