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Annie O’Brien GOV 210 Class Notes 3/24/2008 Policy-making is a matter of bargaining between interest groups; government’s role is as a moderator. In 20 th century, there was a general dissatisfaction of laissez-faire and totalitarianism. No group can get everything that it wants, because no group is a majority and people belong to different groups (gender, race, ethnicity, language, political leaning, etc.) If this is going to happen in a democratic society, there are presuppositions of a
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Unformatted text preview: bargaining ground and willingness to bargain. Does every group have access to the political system? Institutions of pluralist politics: Congress – committees (specific matters) Lobbying for legislation When law is passed, who enforces it? If an agricultural committee passes a bill through Congress, USDA enforces it. Shared understanding with other farm-oriented groups and bureaus. Come to agreements about terms and enforcement of the bill. Presidential power influences...
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