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Monday September 24, 2007 Apollo- son of Zeus and Leto. God of music, son and archery. -- Seen as the epitome of male beauty, very idealistic. -- Apollo of Veii is Etruscan. Is different artistically from the ideal ones. -- Is the god of healing but also brings disease. He seems to uphold greek tradition most fully. -- Birth of Apollo and the Homeric Hymn- Leto is forced to roam because Hera torments her for 9 days and nights while she is in labor pains. Eileithyia, the goddess of childbirth, is not allowed to go down to Leto. Apollo is born after Iris arrives with Eileithyia and is born full grown. -- Homeric Hymn speaks of the bard, Homer, a blind poet.
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Unformatted text preview: • Delphi-Crisa-Pytho (the name changes) is by Mt. Parnassos.-- Is the site of great oracle. There is the sanctuary of Apollo at Delphi where Apollo killed the she-dragon. Pytho means “I decay” or “I rot”.-- After slaying the dragon, he is exiled for 9 years and is then purified. He is able to forgive murders etc. -- Apollo takes over Delphi and needs priests. He sees a boat in the sea and turns himself into a dolphin to force sailors to move to Delphi. Is called Apollo Delphines. -- It is said to be the center of the world by Zeus.-- Site of pythian games, there are both physical and intellectual contests. • Oracles speak in riddles....
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