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Wednesday September 12, 2007 Olympia -- Phidias made a statue of Zeus made of marble and gold. It is a giant cult statue. It portrays Zeus holding a scepter in one hand and a winged goddess, Victory, in the other. -- The Temple of Hera was built around 600BC. It was earlier than the Temple of Zeus, which as built around 450BC. -- Zeus’ son Herakles must have instituted Olympis games. Herakles had to clean up stables of King Augeus as one of the Twelve Labors on Elis. -- Metopes are square elements in the upper stories of temples that have the labors of Herakles and other scenes. Poseidon was like his brother Zeus. -- His wife is Amphitrite. She was a sea nymph, one of the 50 daughters of Neureus and Doris, called Nereids.
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Unformatted text preview: -- He is an angry god, god of the sea and can create earthquakes. -- Is associated with bulls (reflects angry nature) and horses.-- Poseidon turns himself into a stallion to go after Demeter, a mare. They have son Arion(winged horse) and Desponia. -- He is worshipped at Sounion.-- Has an affair with Medusa. Pegasus (winged horse) springs up from her neck. When Poseidon slays her, Hippocamp is born. Polyphemus is in love with Galatea. He is a Cyclops, being very ugly. He argues that it is the natural order of things that men should be covered in hair and his one eye is like the sun, which is so grand. It does not work to seduce Galatea. (From Ovids Metamorphoses)...
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