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Classical Mythology

Classical Mythology - Had rivalry with Leto Apollo killed...

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Wednesday September 19, 2007 Artemis- goddess of the hunt. Has iconography of bow and arrows and stag. She is associated with the moon, Apollo is the sun. -- Daughter of Zeus and Leto. -- Was called Kourotrophos, the nurse of youths. Homeric Hymn to Apollo sees him as a god of plagues. Potnia Theron is thought to be Artemis and Homer refers to the name as Artemis. It is a name given by Minoans. It means Mistress of Wild Beasts. Temple of Artemis at Ephesos. Large cult statue with many breasts. Niobe- wife of Amphion of Thebes. She had 14 children, 7 males and 7 females called the Niobids.
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Unformatted text preview: -- Had rivalry with Leto. Apollo killed her male children and few of the Niobids were spared. Artemis and him poisoned arrows. • Actaeon was hero of Thebes who was killed by Artemis. She turned him into a stag and his own hounds killed him. • Callisto was the daughter of Lykaon.-- Zeus disguised himself and raped her. She then turned into a bear.-- Had son Arcas. • Hekate was the goddess of wilderness. Also as goddess of witchcraft. • Selene- the moon goddess. Rides a silver chariot with horses with a half moon on her head....
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