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Wednesday September 19, 2007 Artemis- goddess of the hunt. Has iconography of bow and arrows and stag. She is associated with the moon, Apollo is the sun. -- Daughter of Zeus and Leto. -- Was called Kourotrophos, the nurse of youths. Homeric Hymn to Apollo sees him as a god of plagues. Potnia Theron is thought to be Artemis and Homer refers to the name as Artemis. It is a name given by Minoans. It means Mistress of Wild Beasts. Temple of Artemis at Ephesos. Large cult statue with many breasts. Niobe- wife of Amphion of Thebes. She had 14 children, 7 males and 7 females called the Niobids.
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Unformatted text preview: -- Had rivalry with Leto. Apollo killed her male children and few of the Niobids were spared. Artemis and him poisoned arrows. Actaeon was hero of Thebes who was killed by Artemis. She turned him into a stag and his own hounds killed him. Callisto was the daughter of Lykaon.-- Zeus disguised himself and raped her. She then turned into a bear.-- Had son Arcas. Hekate was the goddess of wilderness. Also as goddess of witchcraft. Selene- the moon goddess. Rides a silver chariot with horses with a half moon on her head....
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