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wildlife issuesvideo1 - (Florida Panthers 999 Cats...

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FLORIDA PANTHERS 1. The Florida Panther is one of ___28___ subspecies of Cougar. (Florida Panthers) 2. Slight differences between subspecies typically evolve as the subspecies adapt to a particular environment or ________habitat_____.(Florida Panthers) 3. T/F: The Florida Panthers of Everglades National Park and Big Cypress National Preserve are strictly confined to their respective preserves. (Florida Panthers) false 4. Some people claim that the panthers alive today are actually a mix of Florida Panther and released _______cougars________.(Florida Panthers) 5. Florida Panther management practices probably should expand their numbers, preserve their habitat, and prevent _____genetic______ deterioration. (Florida Panthers) 6. T/F: Florida Panthers are reclusive and generally hunt at night. (Florida Panthers) TRUE 7. ________loss of habitat_________ and hunting may have eliminated the Florida Panther and its cousins from the southeastern U.S. (Florida Panthers) 8. Panthers need to make a quick kill because they lack _______endurance__________.
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Unformatted text preview: (Florida Panthers) 999 . Cats, including panthers, eat grass to help them purge _____bone_______ and other undigested matter. (Florida Panthers) 10. The prey of choice of wild Florida Panthers is ___deer____.(Florida Panthers) 11. In a small population, the loss of a reproductively active ______female________ is especially critical. (Florida Panthers) 12. Samples taken from a tranquilized panther might include hair, stool, blood, and ____urine_____.(Florida Panthers) 13. It has been speculated that _____inbreeding_________ could doom the Florida Panther in a few decades. (Florida Panthers) 14. More than 30 wildlife underpasses were built along I-75 in south Florida, and each cost about $______1million__________.(Florida Panthers) 15. Conserving Florida Panthers and their habitat may also improve the quality of water and ____air____, and thus the quality of life for humans in south Florida. (Florida Panthers)...
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