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Classical Mythology

Classical Mythology - Wednesday Apollo was unlucky in love...

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Wednesday September 26, 2007 Apollo was unlucky in love, had no success. -- After slaying serpent he bragged to Cupid. His response was to strike him with love to make him humble. -- Apollo fell for Daphne and he pursued her but she said she would forever be chased and turned into a tree. He still loved the tree and is why the laurel is associated with him. -- Apollo fell for boy Hyacinthus but he accidentally killed him. Where his blood fell on the ground, a flower sprung. -- Last of failed love attempts- the young maiden Coronis. Her offspring was Asklepios. Apollo removes Asklepios before she dies from his anger. Asklepios becomes the healing god and god of medicine. Marsyas is a tragic figure. He engages Apollo in a musical contest and boasts his flute playing is better than Apollo on the lyre. He is but to hang and then skinned. Hermes- The messenger god. Son of Zeus and Maia(one of Pleiades, daughter of Atlas). -- Is a trickster, even more so than Prometheus.
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