disc 4_3 - 4/3/08 Competing nationalisms (Vietnamese,...

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4/3/08 Competing nationalisms (Vietnamese, united states) Mailroom: 3 rd floor, haven hall Michael Herr, Dispatches Dehumanization of the soldier -> but what happened to memorialization of soldier? Not buried, in piles, not in bag, eyes not closed, body parts destroyed and shorn off bodies Desensitization to everything -> by dehumanizing, we can desensitize Authorship (credentials) Confusion of reading correlate with confusion Americans felt during the war and making judgments about a war about which they didn’t know everything You’re there vs. being there? Sense of being there is disconnected from everything else Pg. 9 -> helicopters Literariness -> felt more like fiction? Journalistic intentions, but written more like in prose? Sense of non-linearity that contradicts our expectations of how a story should unfold Does this parallel the nature of the war? -> you never knew what was going to happen next (pg.13) Thesis/argument Is this a critique of the war? US as a modern country (rational, technology) wants to wage an organized, hierarchical
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disc 4_3 - 4/3/08 Competing nationalisms (Vietnamese,...

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